ee portal

/artist collective:
ee portal
3 ways of working with plants:
    1. the physical
    2. the essential
    3. the ethereal
/project description:
3 ways of working with plants by ee portal is about intimacy.
working with plants in a physical way creates a visceral, tactile relationship. smell, colour, grain, texture, movement all emerge from shaving, carving and sculpting one layer to the next.
working with plants in an essential way pushes us to perceive the luminous vibrations of colour that emanate all around us in our local worlds.
working with plants in an ethereal way deepens our understanding and knowledge of the otherwise unknown and often ignored sentience of the plant peoples.
all 3 of these ways of working and knowing plants are ancient, and point to a very different, yet accessible world in which our ancestors walked, lived and dreamed in.
3 wall-mounted works will illustrate these 3 ways of working with plants: the physical, the essential & the ethereal.
/artist statement:
at the root of our practice, we acknowledge the primordial essence of land and place.
the epic, unspoken and tragic stories of nature have become our main source material.
we are deeply interested in the idea that land is sentient, that it has emotions, and that the land itself is an artist.
in our view, the land’s emotions are intrinsic to our own emotions.
the land is the artist and we are the work.
an important on-going discussion for us is the schism between natural manifestations versus human alterations.
human modification to the environment, on a large-scale, is never done by one individual.
the larger destruction is agreed upon, albeit passively, by society as a whole.
we challenge this passivity and unspoken agreement through our commitment to deeply questioning and re-investigating our age-old relationship, or lack thereof, with nature.