April 30, 2014

Lottery Application

2022 Lottery Application

Are you ready to experience the unexpected, and perform ON THE EDGE? You’d better be, because we are only accepting applications for our 2022 festival lottery from now until December 31, 2021. To put your name in the hat, read the information below and fill out the form (Yay! Forms!).

To be eligible to participate in the lottery, you must submit the completed and signed Lottery Application form along with a $25 CAD non-refundable lottery fee by the deadline date. There is a limit of one application per artist/company and the person designated as the Contact Name on an application may not be the Contact for more than one artist/company. Artists/Companies that submit more than one application will be disqualified from the Lottery. Artists/Companies and Contact Names cannot be changed once entered. Applications and lottery fees may be sent by mail  or submitted electronically to info@ontheedgefringe.com. ON THE EDGE Fringe operates in English, however we welcome applications from artists/companies working and presenting in other languages.

Lottery Application  (.pdf 117 KB)

The lottery will be held in January, and will be live streamed via Facebook. Our fringe team members will take turns drawing names (from the aforementioned hat) until we have filled all of our venue slots. The remaining names will then be drawn to form a waiting list in case some of the lottery winners are unable to participate in the festival. The lottery winners will be contacted following the lottery to confirm their participation, and the results will be posted on our website and social media as soon as possible. Lottery winners may not transfer or sell their slots to other artists/companies.

The winners of the venue slots will be contacted shortly after the lottery to confirm their participation in the 2022 festival, which runs from August 9 – August 13, 2022. Should any winner be unable to participate, their spot will be offered to the next lottery applicant on the waiting list. To participate in the festival, all venue slot holders will be required to pay a participation fee of $250 CAD by January 31, 2022 to help cover the costs of technicians, promotions, and coordination for the festival. Participants may withdraw in writing from the festival at any time up until May 1, 2022 to receive a full refund of their participation fee. No refunds will be given for participants that withdraw after this date.

The maximum slot length for each performance is 90 mins (which includes 60 mins for each performance and 30 mins for set up and take down). Festival participants are solely responsible for the creation and presentation of their work, and have full creative control over their performance (in accordance with all applicable laws). The festival will not censor artists, however, performances with explicit, mature or sensitive material are asked inform the festival so that information can be included in our promotional materials. The festival will provide a minimum of 1 technician per venue, as well as basic audio/visual equipment. Participants will be required to bring/obtain any additional equipment or materials necessary for their presentation. Participants are also responsible for securing the rights to perform works that are not their own and for paying appropriate fees and securing releases in accordance with any unions or associations they belong to. The festival attempts to find billeting and/or accommodations for out-of-town performers, however we cannot guarantee that we can provide this to every artist/company or even from year to year.

The festival operates within four venues in the Capitol Centre: the WKP Kennedy Gallery and Betty Speers Theatre on the main floor, the Galaxy Circle Lounge on the second floor, and the Basement. Each venue is wheelchair accessible and has a maximum seating capacity of 50 people. We do not currently offer BYOV slots. Note: the Capitol Centre currently requires proof of vaccination for all patrons. For their full COVID-19 protocols, please visit their website.

All venue slot events are ticketed, with ticket prices set by the performers and ranging in price from $10 to $15 CAD. Audience members without valid tickets will not be admitted to the performances. The festival handles all ticketing both at the door and through the Capitol Centre Box Office, and retains a $2 CAD handling fee to cover ticketing costs (additional fees apply for tickets purchased online through the Capitol Centre’s website). All the rest of the money from ticket sales goes directly to the performer(s). For example, if your show sells 200 tickets at $10/ticket the festival keeps $400 and you take home $1600. Not bad for a week’s work!

In addition to single tickets, the ON THE EDGE fringe festival offers festival passes for sale to the general public that give access to all events and activities during the festival. The proceeds from the sale of the passes is divided equally among all of the artists/companies in the festival. ON THE EDGE fringe festival also reserves the right to distribute a limited number of festival passes/complimentary tickets to our volunteers, media representatives, and major festival supporters.

All participants will be required to submit information about their performance including the title and length of their show, the names of their performers and production team, a brief synopsis of what their performance is about, and an image. This information will be used to promote the performance online through the festival’s website and social media, in any advertising (print and online), through local media outlets (newspapers, television, and radio) and flyer/poster distribution, and in the festival programme.

In the event that our festival activities are significantly restricted (e.g. in terms of audience size, travel, etc.) or a physical festival is not possible/feasible next summer, an alternative festival model will be implemented. This may include shifting to online programming (live streamed and/or pre-recorded material) as we did for our 2020 & 2021 festivals, or presenting a combination of in-person and digital events. Health, safety, and well-being are among our top priorities, and all artists/companies will be informed of any programming changes or considerations as soon as possible.

For more information about the ON THE EDGE Fringe Festival, please check out our fringe page or contact our Artistic Director, ­Kelsey Ruhl, by email at kelsey@ontheedgefringe.com.

Happy fringing!