March 20, 2014


The ON THE EDGE Fringe Festival
“a Fringe Festival like no other”

About: In 2011, a group of like-minded professional theatre artists began a journey of development for the purpose of revitalizing the northern art scene specifically in North Bay, Ontario. This led to the development of several arts initiatives exploring and evaluating needs in the region. There were several workshops, masters classes and large-scale evaluations that took place. One of the areas discussed was a complete lack of formalized professional theatre opportunities taking place on a yearly basis. Recently a 3-day masters class conducted by Paul Gudgin, former Director of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival was presented by the Ontario Arts Council, this informed and established a need for a local fringe festival in our region.

The ON THE EDGE Fringe Festival began in August 2014 with a shared vision to create platforms where professional artists and audiences come together for an outspokenly exceptional experience.

Over the past 5 years. The ON THE EDGE Fringe Festival has grown from a small showcase of spoken word, theatre, dance and performative works into a large-scale multi-arts festival. Currently the Festival has a programmed showcase of literary, theatre and dance performances, an immersive exhibition space filled with collaborative multi-arts creations created through a yearly arts incubator, a curatorial exhibition of works responding to yearly themes all accompanying our 12-show presentation of Fringe performances that take on all shapes and forms.

Today, the ON THE EDGE Fringe Festival is a proud member of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals, Theatre Ontario and works actively with groups such as the Proscenium Club, Zakide, Aboriginal Curatorial Collective and the Capitol Centre. The ON THE EDGE Fringe Festival has grown in resources as well building from a volunteer-run group slowly towards incorporating in 2016 building a strong board of directors and hiring 4 part-time staff that run the festival.

Mandate: To educate and increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of the arts by providing performances of an artistic nature in public places and by providing seminars on topics relating to such performances. To provide instructional seminars on topics related to the performing, visual and multi-arts. To produce performing arts festivals for the purposes of educating and advancing the public’s understanding and appreciation of professional arts practices and to educate through participation in such festivals and related workshops. To provide opportunities for professional artists of all artistic backgrounds and disciplines.


  • Remain dedicated to creating a spectacle of exceptional proportions that brings community together.
  • Provide artists with access to a professional arts platform.
  • To provide audiences with access to provocative and exceptional artists.
  • To provide artists with the tools needed to present their work.
  • To establish unrestrained creative freedoms for our participants.

Mission: ON THE EDGE fringe is dedicated to the dissemination, production, and prosperity of independent arts and artists. We create a unique environment where the arts thrive entertaining our region as we move towards the future.