January 1, 2018


Duality is a yearly multi-arts incubator/program that engages artists and audiences during and outside of the ON THE EDGE Fringe Festival. It features a series of disruptive interventions and explorations within the Capitol Centre and North Bay’s downtown area, often taking shape as theatrical engagements, pop-up performances, readings and dance events, workshops, community-engaged activities, media and multi-arts installations, and other immersive arts experiences.

About: Duality represents the barrier between the world we live in and an unseen alternate existence that lies beyond. This construct presents the exceptional, unconventional and “irregular”. Looking through to the other side can allow a glimpse of something unimaginable or simply a mirrored version of our reality. Delving into the unknown allows for unhindered challenges and questions to flow freely. Venturing through “Duality” is to engage various juxtaposed ideas taking shape as a wide spectrum of multi-arts installations, immersive media arts environments or pop-up performances all creating one overwhelming experience of alternative expression.

Duality provides valuable opportunities to engage in collaboration with many artists both local and from around the world. We focus on collaborative processes and working together to realize experiences making “Duality” a transformative and immersive experience for all involved. We pay CARCC recommended rates for all participating artists and ensure a high quality in the standards being set forth.

Interested in participating in Duality? Check out our call for proposals!

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