March 3, 2019

Sun Dog Theatre Festival

The ON THE EDGE Fringe Festival is proud to present the first annual Sun Dog Theatre Festival.

A sun dog is an atmospheric optical phenomenon that consists of bright spots on one or both sides of the Sun. This is caused by the refraction of sunlight through ice crystals which act as prisms, the bending light rays in the atmosphere appearing as spots of light at the same altitude above the horizon as the Sun. Many factors have to align for a sun dog to be produced; the conditions have to be just right in order for something amazing to happen. The Sun Dog Theatre Festival is no different. To make an exceptional theatre experience each facet of the festival must align in exactly the right way to create something phenomenal.

The Sun Dog Theatre Festival is the curated professional theatre festival produced every winter by ON THE EDGE Fringe. This year’s festival will take place from March 27th – 30th, 2019, and will feature a new presentation of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, directed by Kelsey Ruhl, and a community-engaged performance piece, THE SPACE BETWEEN US, by Clayton Windatt.

The Crucible will have nightly performances March 27th – 30th at 7:30pm at École publique l’Odyssée (480 Norman Ave, North Bay). Tickets are $20 at the door. Advance tickets can be purchased at Dark Horse Comics at their new location at 669 Cassells St, North Bay.

THE SPACE BETWEEN US is presenting a one-night invite-only preview performance at the ON THE EDGE Fringe Festival’s new “BLACK BOX GALLERY” space located at 150 McIntyre St. E in downtown North Bay. This preview will lead to future pop-up presentations at this summer’s ON THE EDGE Fringe Festival.