January 4, 2016

ON THE EDGE Fringe Festival

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Our 2024 Fringe Festival will take place from August 14 – 18, 2024!


Since 2014, the ON THE EDGE Fringe Festival has been a forum for professional and emerging alternative theatre and performance in North Bay, Ontario. Our objective is to provide a diverse cultural and entertainment experience for our community and to promote and support artists from our region and abroad. Every year the festival presents shows ranging from folk/indie music, sketch and stand-up comedy, contemporary dance pieces, and slam poetry to storytelling, multi-disciplinary performance art and more traditional theatre works. The festival programs up to 12 artists/companies per year in four venues within North Bay’s Capitol Centre. In addition, the festival hosts pop-up performances, arts installations, and curated exhibitions through the multi-arts incubator, Duality, and produces a curated theatre festival, the Sun Dog Theatre Festival, every winter.

We are a small fringe festival in a small city nestled on the shores of beautiful Lake Nipissing, just a few hours away from both Toronto and Ottawa. We believe that our small size and picturesque landscape provide our participating artists/companies and festival goers with a unique and intimate fringe experience.

ON THE EDGE Fringe is a member of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF), and is governed by CAFF’s five guiding principles:

  • Participants will be selected on a non-juried basis. Find out more about our Lottery here.
  • 100% of ticket revenue goes back to the artists.
  • We have no control over the artistic content of each performance.  The artistic freedom of the participants is unrestrained.
  • We must provide an easily accessible opportunity for all audiences and all artists to participate in our festival.
  • We will promote and model inclusivity, diversity and multiculturalism, and will endeavour to incorporate them into all aspects of our organization.

If you’ve never attended our Fringe Festival before, check out this article to find out more!

Click here for information about our 2023 festival!


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