August 6, 2021

Måhgong: Experience Breath

Måhgong: Experience Breath
Dakota Camacho
Run Time: 25 minutes

Saturday, August 14 @ 8:30 pm


Måhgong invites us to pause for a moment and take a breath. In fino’ håya, the indigenous language of Låguas, Måhgong means peacefulness and also means to have breathed. This seemingly simple indigenous insight activates a moment of reprieve amidst the waves of grief many of us have been swimming in for centuries. By invoking ancestral practices of ceremony, chant, embodiment and presence Måhgong creates a meditative space to experience breath.


About the artist:
​Dakota Camacho believes in creativity as a record of interaction with the spirit realm. Exploring the overlap between integrity, ancestral/indigenous life ways, true love, and accountability, guiya (they) activate a Matao worldview to make offerings towards inafa’maolek (Balance and harmony with all of life). Weaving through languages of altar-making, movement, film, music, and prayer, guiya (they) generate moments of encounter with self, each other, spirit, and the natural world. Yo’ña (their) work enacts spaces where multiple worlds, ways of knowing, being, and doing speak to each other to unearth embodied pathways towards collective liberation.