July 18, 2017

Duality 2017

Duality” is a newly developed yearly festival program that engages outside of the fringe festival. Starting on Thursday, July 27th 2017 and running through the ON THE EDGE fringe festival (August 15th – August 19th), “Duality” features a series of disruptive interventions exploring and invading the Capitol Centre starting with the WKP Kennedy Gallery and eventually engaging all areas of the building. These interventions take shape as professional theatrical engagements, pop-up dance events, performance art, installation, poetry and all forms of immersive arts experiences.

Confirmed Artists for 2017: Zakide, Clayton Windatt, Dayna Danger, Jane Smythe, Cole Alvis, Ember Windatt, Cole Forest, Jessie Short, Raven Davis, Tara Windatt, EE Portal Collective (Elyse Portal and Emilio Portal) and Proscenium Club’s Caleb Geden, Kaitlyn Stewart, Kelsey Ruhl, Morgan Bedard, Dan Haw and Joshua Bainbridge.

This festival program is produced with the proud support of the Ontario Arts Council’s Multi and Inter-Arts Projects program which awarded the ON THE EDGE fringe festival $12,500 in 2017. Zakide would like to acknowledge the support of the Ontario Arts Council and the Art Gallery of Sudbury.