July 20, 2016



Photo credit: Susie Shapiro Photography

Presented by Smith & Somers (Ottawa, ON)

Written by Kate Smith & Will Somers
Directed by Patrick Gauthier
Dramaturged by Melanie Karin Brown
Lighting/Projection Design by Seth Gerry
Video Design by Cory Thibert
Costume Design by Sarah Waghorn

Famed Australian children’s entertainers HOOTENANNY! are on their Farewell Tour – but only one of them knows it. Jeff Van der Hoot and Annie Eucalyptus have been touring the world together for the last decade, but it sure hasn’t been easy. As Hoot struggles with the pressures of fame and turns to drugs (resulting in behaviour not befitting a role model for young people), Annie tries desperately to keep the band from falling apart. But everyone has their breaking point. A live children’s concert taking place in real time (60-minutes) and full of catchy songs, video segments and a dance break requiring audience participation, Hoot and Annie grit their teeth as they hurtle toward the final curtain.

Ticket Price: $15
Duration: 60 minutes