August 1, 2017


Presented by Paperbag Productions

Running Time: 60 mins
Ticket Price: $14
Venue: The Basement
Showtimes: Aug 15 – 8:30pm | Aug 16 – 5:30pm | Aug 17 – 5:30pm | Aug 18 – 7:00pm | Aug 19 – 5:00pm

Written by: Chris Craddock & Nathan Cuckow
Directed by: Liam Culhane and Zachary Smithers

Performed by: Zachary Smithers & Liam Culhane

Description: Clinton (Smithers) and Kyle (Culhane) are two aimless young men living in the tiny town of Wetaskawin, Alberta. When their best friend Danny dies in a car accident, they decide to lock themselves in a garage with a “buffet” of booze and drugs, instead of attend the funeral. But as the night goes on, the true nature of Danny’s accident is revealed. As is the real reason Clinton and Kyle are missing the funeral.