August 1, 2017

One Good Marriage

One Good Marriage
Presented by Halfway Home Collective

Running Time: 60 mins
Tickets: $12
Venue: The Basement
Showtimes: Aug 15 – 7:00pm | Aug 16 – 8:30pm | Aug 17 – 7:00pm | Aug 18 – 5:30pm | Aug 19 – 7:30pm

Directed by: Scott Marleau
Written by: Sean Reycraft

Performed by: Scott Marleau and Becky Tanton

Steph (Tanton) and Stewart (Marleau) are celebrating their first anniversary. She’s an English teacher; he’s a high school librarian. At the heart of the occasion though, is a terrible sorrow. You see, Steph and Stewart arrived home from their blissful honeymoon to find that something terrible has happened. Blackly hilarious and deeply moving, this two hander moves from pathos to humour and back again.