August 1, 2017

The Bonds That Hold Us

The Bonds That Hold Us
by Stephanie Kast

Running time: 60 mins
Tickets: $12
Venue: WKP Kennedy Gallery
Showtimes: Aug 15 – 5:30pm | Aug 16 – 5:30pm | Aug 17 – 7:00pm | Aug 18 – 8:30pm | Aug 19 – 6:15pm

Directed and written by: Stephanie Kast

Performed by: Daniel Haw, Matt Lishman, Dana Hodgson, Brooke Smith, and Kaylie MacNeil

After five years of not speaking to each other, three brothers (played by Haw, Lishman, and Hodgson) return home after their father dies to pack up their childhood home, face the past, and face each other. This is the story of three brothers that no longer have a reason to stay a together and are challenged with the idea that, maybe, you can choose your family.

Contains mature language and subject matter.