August 1, 2017

The Wanderers

The Wanderers
Presented by The Wandering

Running Time: 53 mins
Tickets: $12
Venue: Galaxy Circle Lounge
Showtimes: Aug 15 – 8:30pm | Aug 16 – 8:30pm | Aug 17 – 5:30pm | Aug 18 – 5:30pm | Aug 19 – 6:15pm

Written by: William Boyko

Performed by: Nataniel Brubacher, Laura-Ann Seaton, Roxey Size, and Richard A. Macaulay

In a world where people know how they are going to die at birth, a brother (Brubacher) and sister (Seton) spend their days at the local bookstore where they talk about dealing with their deaths and the world around them. The shop is owned by Linda (Size), an older woman who believes she’s come to terms with her death, but can’t help let that death take over her. Then there’s the man (Macaulay), a mysterious man who no one knows much about. As the play progress we find that he has alternative motives for being there.