April 30, 2014



Lottery Fee: The $25 non-refundable submission fee is required in order for your application to be eligible for entry on the Participation List.  Acts from this list will be selected by either a lottery or on a first-come-first-serve basis. Venues include Main StageCafé Venue and Bring-Your-Own-Venue!  For the Main Stage venue option, we will be holding a public lottery draw on April 29th. Those not selected for the Main Stage venue, you will be offered alternative opportunities through our Café venues as they become available on a first-come-first serve basis. Additionally, those that wish to secure their own venues are encouraged to do so through the Bring-Your-Own-Venue program but everyone MUST register for the Participation List and participate in the lottery prior to making any BYOV arrangements.

Tickets: All fringe events are ticketed events. Tickets are priced reasonably and allow artists to make a profit for their efforts. Artists can charge anywhere between $8 and $13 per ticket for their shows, of which 100% goes back to the artist.  On top of this, The ON THE EDGE Fringe Festival charges a $ 2 ticket handling fee for each ticket sold to help cover the costs of Technicians, Coordination, Marketing and other costs associated with operations.  The end cost to the patron will range from $ 10 per ticket as a minimum to $ 15 per ticket as a maximum.  (ie.  if a patron pays $12 per ticket, $2 goes to the festival and $10 goes directly to the performer).  All performances must have an ON THE EDGE fringe festival staff or volunteer present during the sale of tickets and the admission of audiences. This allows the festival to track attendance and ensure that all transparencies for sales are absolute. Each performance will have attendance taken and verified by both the festival and the participating artist.

Main Stage: These venues have a basic level of technical aid in place for the performances, including controllable lighting and sound. The cost to have one of these venues is $300, which includes presenting at least 5 times over 1 week. Acts engaging in these venues will need a time sheet for lighting and sound. Note: The $25 lottery fee is deducted from the $300 venue fee.

Café Venue:  ON THE EDGE Fringe will look for alternative spaces for you, should you be unsuccessful in the Main Stage lottery draw.  These spaces are secured on a case-by-case basis and may have varied availability. When a Café venue is secured by our festival staff, we will email you with a phone number to call. The first participant to call will receive that venue for their performance. The fees for these venues are different as participants are charged $175 specifically towards marketing costs. Note: The $25 lottery fee is deducted from the $175 venue fee.

Bring-Your-Own-Venue: Similar to the Café Venues, Bring-Your-Own is charged $175 towards marketing costs, but this venue is secured by the artist(s) themselves. This allows the artist to bypass waiting around for a Café Venue to open up and instead, look for their own venue in which to perform.  It is also easier for local groups to do this as they have connections in their community that out of towners would not.  Note: The $25 lottery fee is deducted from the $175 venue fee.