March 20, 2023

Sun Dog Theatre Festival 2023

A poster for the 2023 Sun Dog Theatre Festival.

ON THE EDGE Fringe is happy to announce the return of the Sun Dog Theatre Festival from March 29 – April 2, 2023. For this year’s festival, we’ve put together five days of performances, community events, and workshops to unite and ignite our arts community! We have a full list of activities below, but you can also check out our Facebook page for more information.

Festival schedule

An image of the Sun Dog 2023 festival schedule.

Festival line-up

MONOLOGUE JAMThe poster for the 2023 Monologue Night at GD2GO

Time: Wednesday, March 29, 2023 from 7 PM – 10 PM
Location: Gd2Go – 375 Foran St
Admission: Free

Bring your favourite monologue – original or otherwise – to perform for friends and peers. Performing a monologue is not required, so if you’d rather just watch, that’s OK too. All are welcome!

SAINT CITY SPARROWSA poster for the play "Saint City Sparrows" written and directed by Kelsey Ruhl

Time: Thursday, March 30 – Saturday, April 1, 2023 from 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM (doors open at 7 pm)
Location: Trinity United Church (gymnasium) – 111 McIntyre St E
Admission: Suggested admission $15 or Pay-What-You-Can

Saint City Sparrows is a new comedy written and directed by Kelsey Ruhl with help from Stephanie Kast. Starring Nancy Thompson, Jennifer Carroll, Kaitlyn Stewart, and Kelsey Ruhl.

In a small Northern Ontario town, four scout leaders try to offer a place of learning and empowerment to their pack of prepubescent girls. But when the group’s trip money is stolen it becomes increasingly harder not to acknowledge all the bad things going on in the rest of the world. Missing money, barking dogs, mean boys and parents that suck. Saint City Sparrows – Go on, be a kid again. Maybe you’ll learn something.

To reserve tickets please email

*This show contains mature themes. It is a show about children, that is not at all in any way for children.

WORKSHOP: Script Writing
with Joshua Bainbridge

Time: Saturday, April 1, 2023 from 1:30 – 4:30 PM
Location: Trinity United Church (gymnasium) – 111 McIntyre St E
Admission: Pay-What-You-Can
Max. Participants: No cap

Good writing can be learned. Learn the basics of writing for the stage and screen in this introductory workshop. Understand important theatrical elements, including structure, character, dialogue and environment. Whether you’ve already started a play or screenplay or you’re just developing your story or idea this workshop will help you gain the necessary tools to get you to the next step.

Participants are asked to bring a computer and their ideas.

About the facilitator: Joshua Bainbridge is a Canadian actor, writer and director living in North Bay, Ontario and the the Artistic Director of The Proscenium Club, touring theatre company. Josh has spent most of his career dedicated to creating and producing New Canadian Theatre.

To register for this workshop, please contact Tara Windatt at

WORKSHOP: BEING AWESOME ALL THE TIME – A Community Engaged Multi-Arts Adventure
with Clayton Windatt

Time: Sunday, April 2, 2023 from 10 AM – 1 PM
Location: Vinyasa Yoga Studio – 352 Algonquin Avenue
Admission: Pay-What-You-Can
Max. Participants: 10

This workshop is an intensive introduction into the principles and practices of arts that engage with and create through community. As a starting point, participants must be safe, respectful and open to ideas and creativity. We will be spending an afternoon activating collaboration, making art through collective processes, and sharing actions with other participants. It will be a mix of presentation, discussion, art-making and performance. There will be time to consider and discuss artistic practices as well as share experiences while producing your own work.

About the facilitator: Clayton Windatt is a curator, multi-arts performer and filmmaker living and working in Ontario. As the former Executive Director of the White Water Gallery, Aboriginal Curatorial Collective and current Executive Director of the Artist-Run Centres and Collectives Conference, Clayton has an extensive history working in Artist-Run Culture and Community Arts. Clayton maintains contracts with various governments, colleges and non-government organizations as a writer, consultant and knowledge broker negotiating between peoples, places and communities. Clayton works in/with community, design, communications, curation, performance, theatre, technology, and consulting, and is a very active artist.

To register for this workshop, please contact Tara Windatt at

WORKSHOP: Comedic Improv for Beginners
with Aanmitaagzi

Time: Sunday, April 2, 2023 from 1:30 – 3:30 PM
Location: Vinyasa Yoga Studio – 352 Algonquin Avenue
Admission: Pay-What-You-Can
Max. Participants: 20

Comedic improv is a great way to release your inner storyteller and have some fun! It teaches you how to think on your feet and work collaboratively while honing your listening skills and group awareness. In this workshop, participants will engage in improv ice breakers and warm-ups and will then be led through a series of introductory improv exercises and games. Principles of play, spontaneity, and listening, as well as making and accepting offers will also be explored.

Revisiting imaginative play can be intimidating but participants will have the opportunity to take risks in a nurturing environment. We will examine the basic elements of improv: the performer / improviser, their environment, their scene partners, the story / plot, and the audience. Participants will learn how to tell a story focusing on creating and establishing their environments and characters, developing conflict, and finding resolutions.

This workshop is intended for beginners of all ages and abilities or as a chance to revisit the fundamentals. It will be co-facilitated by Sid Bobb, Penny Couchie, Michaela Washburn, and Animikiikwe Couchie-Waukey.

About the facilitator: Aanmitaagzi is a leading professional indigenous arts and cultural company. For over 15 years we have been creating and producing arts and cultural activities and events. Aanmitaagzi provides arts, cultural and educational workshops and training. We tour dance theatre works and host national and international artists and arts projects. Aanmitaagzi operates out of Big Medicine Studio, which is situated on Nipissing First Nation. We believe art and culture are powerful tools for development, well-being and expression. 

Aanmitaagzi is linked to provincial, national, and international networks. We are committed to fostering a vibrant arts community through community-engaged projects that promote well-being, strengthen relationships with the land, and incorporate intergenerational approaches and methodologies. Aanmitaagzi combines artmaking, education, professional development & social activism through contemporary and customary arts, nurturing historic Indigenous arts practices and exploring how these practices can be carried forward in a meaningful contemporary context.

To register for this workshop, please contact Tara Windatt at

WORKSHOP: From Casting to Set
with Rob McCubbin

Time: Sunday, April 2, 2023 from 4 – 5 PM
Location: Vinyasa Yoga Studio – 352 Algonquin Avenue
Admission: Free
Max. Participants: 22

This workshop covers the road travelled by an actor from the headshot to casting sites, to resumes to breakdowns, to what makes a good self-tape, to offers and deal memos, to unions and permits, to the first day on set. Using an informal lecture style, the participant is shown the journey from Casting to Set, with PowerPoint and video exemplars.

The workshop is intended for individuals who don’t already have an agent and aren’t already working in the film and television industry.

About the facilitator: Rob McCubbin is the Agent/Manager for The Nexus Talent Group. He strives to extend personal attention to all of his clients, with a dedication to their career growth, and a focus on ensuring long term success. In June of 2022, Rob retired from teaching, after working as a Dramatic Arts/English teacher with The Near North District School Board for 28 years. He has also acted in stage plays, and worked in film & television.

To register for this workshop, please contact Tara Windatt at

ON THE EDGE Fringe wishes to acknowledge the Government of Canada’s Department of Canadian Heritage and our festival partners Gd2Go, Trinity United Church, and Vinyasa Yoga Studio for their generous support of this year’s festival.