June 17, 2024


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OTEF’s Billet Host Program

Host an artist in the comfort of your own home

Every year ON THE EDGE Fringe welcomes artists from across Canada, and sometimes from across the world! Although 100% of the ticket proceeds are returned to our Fringe artists, and the other artists we program are paid artist fees, travelling to put on a show or present your work can be quite expensive. To help artists reduce costs, we try to provide them with accommodations or billets whenever possible.

We are currently seeking billets for our 2024 Fringe Festival and Duality Program, which will run from August 14th – 18th.

What is a billet?

A billet is an artist’s home-away-from-home. It is a free, safe, and accessible place for travelling artists to stay while they are in North Bay. It is also a way for folks to make a significant contribution to our organization without having to donate time from their busy schedules or their hard earned money. Hosting can be a wonderful experience; you’ll get to meet interesting, creative people from all over the world while helping a local not-for-profit. And we’ll make sure to match you with artists that we feel are the right fit for your home and lifestyle.

What would I have to do?

Billet hosts are asked to provide out-of-town artists with a clean place to sleep, access to bathroom facilities, and a key or entry code to the home (if possible) for the duration of their stay in North Bay. If the artists are participating in Fringe, that could mean providing accommodations for up to 7 days. The sleeping area could be anything from a guest room or granny suite to a pull-out couch or air mattress in the living room. You are not expected to be a hotel or provide meals for the artists. And it’s your house, so it’s your rules.

In addition, all hosts have to agree to our Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Policy.

How will I be matched with an artist?

Once you’ve filled out the Billet Host Sign-up Form, you will be contacted by a member of the ON THE EDGE Fringe team to find out more about you and your home. We will conduct a series of short interviews with you and the out-of-town artists, and based on the information provided we will match artists and hosts to the best of our ability.

Are there any perks?

In appreciation for opening up your home to an artist and helping us out, we will provide you with an all-access pass to our festival or event.

How do I sign-up?

The first step to becoming a billet host is to fill out our sign-up form (see below). The form will collect information about your home, such as where it is located, what type of sleeping area you are offering to provide, how many people live there, if your home is pet-friendly, how many artists your willing to accommodate, and if there is available parking. From there, we will schedule the one-on-one interviews to figure out which artist(s) would be your best match.

Who do I contact for more information?

If you have questions at any stage of the hosting process, please contact Kelsey Ruhl, our Artistic Director, at kelsey@ontheedgefringe.com, or Tara Windatt, our Administrative Director, at info@ontheedgefringe.com.