August 7, 2014

What to expect as a fringe performer!

Making order out of chaos, we find the hard working technical staff at any venue of a Fringe Festival. They are the lifeline for your performance and are in charge of keeping the clock running from show to show. As a fringe performer, you are only given approximately ten minutes to load in everything you need, sixty minutes on stage and then ten minutes to load out. Then the venue is on to the next show! That is the generic model for Fringe Festivals. We at the ON THE EDGE fringe have worked hard to make things slightly more tech friendly.

Fringe co-coordinators know all about each aspect of the festival. They will (when needed) be in the booth, at the front of house, backstage and on stage. The work and dedication put into making any of this happen is immeasurable and will continue after the festival ends.

The “load in”, tech time and “load out” can go by very quickly. Most festivals require you to show up with your generic area lighting design and your entire sound cues ready, prepared to use. Just hand the technician a script with cues highlighted and they give you what they have available. All in minutes you are up and running with little to no time to coordinate with the house Tech. ON THE EDGE fringe wants you to have a better looking and sounding show and that why we are dedicated to giving you as much time as we can spare. That is why it is so important that all tech information is sent to us as soon as possible.

Venues in town are prepared ahead of time. We expect you to be as well. Get organized and have yourself a great fringe!