Are You Listening?

Are You Listening?

Company: Projet Ambidanse

Created by: Projet Ambidanse

New work: Yes

Runtime: 45 Minutes

Are You Listening? is a contemporary dance piece about communication, on both the smallest and largest scales, with ourselves, our communities, our earth. This show uses witty humour and an absurdist approach to explore important themes, making it fun and accessible to audiences of all ages. Through movement and spoken language, Projet Ambidanse questions interconnection and how we build a world that is a little less individualistic and a little more caring.

Additional credits

Performed by: Clara Chemtov, Hannah Surette, Annie Spence

Stage manager: Marie-Lou Dalpé

Content information

Genre: Dance/Physical Theatre

Audience Level: General Audiences

Content Warning: None

Schedule information

Venue: TBD


Wednesday, August 14 @ TBD

Thursday, August 15 @ TBD

Friday, August 16 @ TBD

Saturday, August 17 @ TBD

Sunday, August 18 @ TBD


May be purchased at the Capitol Centre box office (150 Main St. E, North Bay) or on the Capitol Centre’s website starting on July 24, 2024.

Connect Online

Instagram: @projetambidanse #projetambidanse