Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals 2016

MCP-7798With Frigid Fringe kicking off the season in only a couple of months, now is the time that many are beginning to think about their program designs.  Below is the President’s message for your programs:

In a world of global chaos, we need the happy chaos of the Fringe, to tie us to our community and remind us that everything is all right in the world. In November 2016, the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals plays host to the Fringe World Congress in Montreal. This event, created by the Edinburgh Fringe, is a meeting for Fringe producers from around the world. Typically held in Edinburgh, as part of the Edinburgh Fringe, this year’s event comes to Canada to see what makes us tick. The Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals has created a unique but simple recipe for Fringe success – even the Mother of all Fringe Festivals, Edinburgh, wants to know what’s in the special sauce. If you’re a regular participant at a CAFF Festival in Canada or the U.S., you know that we don’t keep our ingredients secret: we pull the artists out of a hat, we give them all the money (except taxes and fees…), we keep the tickets cheap and we tie the whole thing up in a great big party! Easy. We are looking forward to sharing with the world and showing off for Mama Fringe!  Think global, Fringe local. 

Fringefully yours, 
David Jordan 
President, Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals.