Company: Dense & Stage

Writer: Ian McCormack

Director: Abi Sanie

New work: Yes

Runtime: 50 Minutes

Trapped in the mundane world of dry comedy and door-to-door salesmanship, Cornflake is an experimental comedic drama about a bird and a rat living in a world where one must forget and where one must stay exactly the same. Asking the question what is it like to be “something” you’re not? And will we ever be the “something” we truly are?

Additional Credits

Performed by: Corbeau Sandoval & Masha Bashmakova

Playwright/Co-Producer: Ian McCormack

Director: Abi Sanie

Movement Director: Elly Pond

Stage Manager/Tour Manager: Aaron Delaney

Production Designer: Jack Morgan

Costume Designer: Violette Maréchal

Assistant Stage Manager/Prop Master: Adlin Loud

Graphic Designer: Gio

Content information

Genre: Dance/Physical Theatre, Multi-Disciplinary, Theatre

Audience Level: Mature Audiences

Content Warning: Ableism, Adult Themes, Body Dysmorphia, Gender Discrimination, Homophobia, Coarse Language, Mental Health Issues, Sex, Sexism, Transphobia, and Violence.

Audience Interaction: Yes

Show information

Venue: TBD


Wednesday, August 14 @ TBD

Thursday, August 15 @ TBD

Friday, August 16 @ TBD

Saturday, August 17 @ TBD

Sunday, August 18 @ TBD


May be purchased at the Capitol Centre box office (150 Main St. E, North Bay) or on the Capitol Centre’s website starting on July 24, 2024.

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