August 10, 2020

2018 Duality-Firestarter

Duality returns with added fire 

Our annual multi-arts incubator is back and this time we’re teaming up with Zakide ( to bring you Duality-Firestarter. In case you missed it last year, Duality is a series of disruptive interventions exploring and invading the Capitol Centre starting with the WKP Kennedy Gallery and eventually spreading throughout the building. These interventions will take shape as professional theatrical engagements, pop-up dance events, performance art, installation, poetry and other forms of immersive arts experiences. Duality represents the barrier between the world we live in and an unseen alternate existence that lies beyond. This construct presents the exceptional, unconventional and “irregular”. Looking through to the other side can allow a glimpse of something unimaginable or simply a mirrored version of our reality.

Zakide, Anishinaabemowin for “it catches fire”, is a group of like-minded Indigenous multi-artists and curators working in arts research and community activation. With the mandate to advance the public’s appreciation of contemporary Indigenous art by producing public art exhibitions and presentations, and by providing a forum for qualified Indigenous artists to exhibit, present, or perform their artistic works through participation in such events, they are definitely bringing a little fire to this year’s festival.

Confirmed Artists for Duality-Firestarter include: Raven Davis, Leelee Davis, Clayton Windatt, Cole Forrest, Katie Couchie, Lindsay Nixon, Dayna Danger, Nico Williams, Jacob Dayfox, and Léuli Māzyār Lunaʻi Eshrāghi. You can find out more about the artists and the Firestarter Cabaret here and on Zakide’s website.

Duality-Firestarter is produced with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts’ Concept to Realization program, the Ontario Arts Council’s Multi and Inter-Arts Projects program, and the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund.