August 9, 2021

My North Bay is not Your North Bay

My North Bay is not Your North Bay
Ashok Mathur

Run time: 7 mins  | Tuesday, August 10, 2021 @ 8:30 pm

My North Bay is not Your North Bay is an exploration of site-specific art making using found poetry, photography, and video to question and critique this practice. By beginning with the print vestiges of international cosmopolitan media (New York Times and The Guardian) and transplanting the found cut out text to the locus of North Bay, this 7 minute experimental video investigates what it means to produce work when the artist is outside the specificities of the site involved. This project also involves camaraderie and community, inflecting visual resonances of other visiting artists (Morin and Goto under their pseudonym PMAG) who are also contributing to the Duality series.

About the Artist:
Ashok Mathur is a writer and artist who works with critical race theory and community practices. He is the Dean of Graduate Studies at OCAD University.