Partners in Crime

Partners in Crime

Company: Big Business Theatre

Written by: Lee Degagne, Holden Waye, Morrigan Cartmill-McCrea, Sylas Conacher, and Ren Whitehead

Director: Lee Degagne

New work: Yes

Runtime: 60 Minutes

A ‘struggling’ artist attempts to bring his crime-romance novel to life, but conflicts arise when his protagonists go off-script, determined to change their destinies, and write their own stories. Partners in Crime explores and satirizes romance in media through a queer and feminist perspective. May or may not contain a love story.

Additional credits

Performed by: Lee Degagne, Holden Waye, Morrigan Cartmill-McCrea, Ren Whitehead, and Jay Bryant

Assistant Director & Stage Manager: Sylas Conacher

Content information

Genre: Theatre

Audience Level: Mature Audiences

Content Warning: Adult Themes, Death, Gender Discrimination, Homophobia, Explicit Language, Sexism, and Transphobia

Audience Interaction: Yes

Show information

Venue: TBD


Wednesday, August 14 @ TBD

Thursday, August 15 @ TBD

Friday, August 16 @ TBD

Saturday, August 17 @ TBD

Sunday, August 18 @ TBD


May be purchased at the Capitol Centre box office (150 Main St. E, North Bay) or on the Capitol Centre’s website starting on July 24, 2024.

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