The Zoo Story

Logo2The Zoo Story
presented by Bay at the Moon Productions
*Some Mature Content*

Writer – Edward Albee
Director – Blake Cerisano
Assistant Director / Stage Manager: Julia Di Mario
Gerry – Tahlia Zaloski
Patty – Leah Hardy

Patty is sitting on a bench in Central Park. She has a husband, two daughters and two parakeets, and once in a while she just has to sit solitary inCentral Park, solitary with her book for reading and her thoughts. Along comes Gerry — Gerry has been to the Zoo and the last thing she wants is to be solitary, so she makes a determined effort to draw
Patty into conversation. She succeeds. She draws from an unwilling Patty information about her husband, her two daughters and the two parakeets. In return Gerry suppliesPatty with a curious medley of information abouther wandering around New York, her encounters with a ratherunfriendly canine, and a colored homosexual man who plucks his eyebrows and visits “The John” frequently.Zoo Story Promo

Written in 1959 this production quickly became a modern classic. This presentation is only the 2nd time in 55 years that this play has been done with an all-female cast.
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