2023 Lottery Update!

Hey, Fringe Fam! Earlier this evening we held our 2023 lottery draw and we are happy to announce our preliminary results with you now! The twelve participating artists/companies selected for our 2023 festival are:

1. Porticullis Onstage
2. Darwin Parkes
3. The Ringos
4. Avery McMillan
5. Eric Koski-Harja
6. Love Always Wins
7. Falling Iguana Theatre
8. Tegan Andress
9. Studio 013
10. Projet Ambidanse
11. My Auntie’s Dream
12. OTEF Summer Youth

We will be contacting the artists/companies over the next few days to confirm their participation, but in the meantime, we want to send a big thanks to everyone that put their names into the lottery and to all the wonderful people that support our festival.

Happy New Year everyone!