80s Kids Will Understand: A Sketch Comedy Revue

80s Kids Will Understand
The Ringos – Midland, ON

Capitol Centre Basement | $12.00 | 55 mins

DIRECTOR: Betony Main
WRITERS: Brendan Main & Colleen Waltenbury
CAST: Bryan Piitz, Kristen Keller

From scrunchies to Iran-Contra, everyone has warm memories of the 80s. And if you don’t? Let The Ringos remember it for you in this sketch comedy revue.

Remember She-Ra? Not the new She-Ra. The old, bad one. Remember Alf?

Get ready to have your childhood ruined…or your parents’ childhood. Wait, how old are you again?

Warnings: Some coarse language and sexual innuendo. Recommended Audience: 12+