ANNOUNCEMENT: Sun Dog Theatre Festival Cancelled

It is with a heavy heart we must announce the cancellation of the 2020 Sun Dog Theatre Festival.

Amid rising concerns about the global Coronavirus pandemic, closures of schools and the call for precautionary self-quarantining, we have decided not to move forward.

Our top priority must be the health and well-being of our community and at this time the most socially responsible answer is to cease all festival plans.

Year 2 was to be a very important and exciting year for Sun Dog, however all is not lost. We will continue to work and develop our festival plans and our hope is to re-evaluate and share more positive news early April.

The Proscenium Club’s production of Barefoot on the Moon still looks to take the stage in the near future, while Brooke Johnson’s Trudeau Stories is currently in talks to return this time next year.

Current ticket holders can contact or return to their point of purchase regarding refunds.

What makes the theatre experience so magical is the gathering of open minds, collectively awaiting a beautiful shared experience. It is unlikely there will be a profession, an industry or a facet of daily life that won’t be affected by the pandemic, but we must remember this cancellation is to protect the nature of what we practice. We wait now so we can gather again. With open minds. Collectively awaiting a beautiful shared experience.

And we look forward to that.