A letter from CAFF President Lucy Eveleigh

A letter from CAFF President Lucy Eveleigh

In 2020 we are thrilled to see another full year of Fringe Festivals across Canada and the US.
We have been taking the time to reflect upon what our organization is doing and can do for the theatre artists of the world and we want to thank you, the audience, who come out every year to support Fringe Festivals. Your support is integral to these artists. In these ever-changing times of precarious funding, expensive living costs, and the day-today struggles many artists face, having people show up to see their work is more important now than ever.

We have over 30 member festivals across Canada and the USA and we exist as an organization to unite, support, empower, and strengthen our member festivals in order to cultivate and foster independent artistic exploration for artists and audiences across North America.
Every one of these festivals has a team of people behind them, many of whom volunteer their time to be able to present their events to you. CAFF members return 100% of the ticket price back to the artists and all festivals are selected either by lottery or on a first come/first served basis, ensuring that everyone has the same opportunity to tell their story on stage.

So please take the time and take a risk, see a show you know nothing about, bring a friend and share the love – word of mouth is still one of the most powerful tools for marketing a show in the Fringe. You are ambassadors for these artists, and your support has a very important effect on their careers.

Thank you for joining us in this global movement of the FRINGE!

Happy Fringing,
Lucy Eveleigh

CAFF President