finding the fringe on the fringe

kelsey01“ON THE EDGE: fringe” (OTEF) started when a group of like-minded artists working in theatre, visual arts and performance art became tired of the monotony of life in the north. Members of this group had recently attended a 3-day masters class conducted by Paul Gudgin, former Director of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and presented by the Ontario Arts Council. This experience of working with Paul as well as several like-minded peers brought enthusiasm and sparked a revolutionary mentality that would not rest. Our community would become activated and we would create a new Fringe Festival like no other.

The first step was to find money for the festival and get helping hands moving on how to involved community and invoke enthusiasm. YES! Employment became the first official supporter as they allowed OTEF to hire Kelsey Ruhl as the Festival Coordinator while Josh Bainbridge, Rod Carley and several others worked as supporters and volunteers. Clayton Windatt took on administrative duties and OTEF moved into their offices at the White Water Gallery space becoming the festivals second supporter.