New theatre festival announced for North Bay promises to push the limits!

fringe01ON THE EDGE: A Fringe
A team of local artists are collaborating to host North Bay’s first fringe festival August 15-17th.

Theatre in its very essence is an expression of the self. However, the ability to participate in a wide variety of theatre is often limited by venue, money and audience. On the Edge Fringe Festival promises to change that; to offer the North Bay and greater community a barrier-free theatre experience like no other.

So what is a fringe festival? A play, dance, performance art, solo performance, comedy or audience participation. The fringe is whatever you want it to be. The festival allows the performers to take home 100 percent of their box office earnings, and each performer is guaranteed two performances. On the Edge Fringe Festival provides an environment for artists to challenge, subvert and invigorate their disciplines and craft. It is a platform for new, original, experimental and thought provoking work.

The fringe will be a vital showcase of contemporary theatre that will work to cross disciplines and boundaries. Innovative and daring, the festival hopes to impact audiences and provide a lucrative experience for amateur and seasoned artists alike.

Interested in participating? Click here for more information.

Join the counterculture from August 15th-17th in the underground performance venue of the Cornerstone Café, located at Oak and Ferguson in North Bay, ON. Tickets for each performance are $10 at the door. The performance schedule will be posted on the website and will be available to the public at the White Water Gallery, located on 122 Main St. West.

WHO: On the Edge Fringe Festival is a non-profit organization that allows the performers to access 100% of their performance’s ticket sales. This is the very first theatre festival North Bay has ever had, and we aim towards making this a yearly event. We believe that in making theatre a profitable experience for artists and audience alike, we can continue to watch this community grow together.

Kelsey Ruhl
On the Edge Fringe Festival Director