Paper Dolls : Or The Way to the Way Up

pd poster 2 copyPaper Dolls : Or The Way to the Way Up
Written and Directed By Joshua Bainbridge

Gillian – Nancy Thompson
Colleen – Tracey Halsey
Robyn – Kelsey Ruhl
April – Laura Hokstad
Tim – Morgan Bedard
Barry – Mitch Belanger

“This is a beautiful little piece that is about relationships that break down, come back together, and break down again,” says Kelsey Ruhl, who will be appearing in the production. “It’s about choosing who you want to come into your life.” This hour-long play is written and directed by North Bay’s Joshua Bainbridge, and stars Ruhl, amongst other local acting talents including Nancy Thompson, Tracey Halsey, Laura Hokstad, Morgan Bedard and Mitch Belanger.

Written contributions by Jessie White and North Bay Nipissing News.