The Life and Death of John the Milkman

The Life and Death of John the Milkmanmilkman
In association with J2 Productions
North Bay, Ontario

Written By Joshua Bainbridge
Directed by Joshua Bainbridge
Kelsey Ruhl – Beverly Stacey
Laura Hokstad – Esther Ross
Jennifer Matthies-Lacombe – Shirley Harrison
Kaitlyn Stewart – Joan Marshal
Dillon Lafrance – John Walters
Caleb Geden – Det. Bradley
Joshua Bainbridge – Norman Stacey

In the summer of 1959, in a little suburban town, in a very ordinary kitchen, four regular housewives find themselves in a very irregular situation, but how hard can it be to dispose of a dead body?

This show contains mature themes and content
This show contains the Smoking of herbal cigarettes.