2024 Lottery Results

Image for the 2024 Fringe Lottery

2024 Fringe Lottery Results

We held our Fringe Lottery live on Facebook on January 12th at 7 pm, and we are very excited to share this year’s lottery results with you. We drew 11 names from the hat, saving the last slot for our youth summer training program show.

The 11 artists and companies that were drawn were:

  • Can’t Stand Sitting Productions – Toronto, ON
  • Carri Johnson – North Bay, ON
  • Vague Idea Production – Aurora, ON
  • Floater Studios – Camrose, AB
  • Phina Pipia – Port Townsend, WA
  • Joe Drinkwalter – North Bay, ON
  • Ian McCormack – North Bay, ON
  • Accordion Theatre – Montreal, QC
  • Keegan MacNeil-Kettle – North Bay, ON
  • Painted Fern Productions – Abbotsford, BC
  • Robert Leitner – North York, ON

We also drew the remaining thirteen names to form this year’s waitlist. The names in the order they were drawn were:

  • Jessica Pigeau – Vancouver, BC
  • Neil McArthur – Winnipeg, MB
  • Projet Ambidanse – Montreal, QC
  • Lee Degagne – North Bay, ON
  • Little Cheese Productions – North Bay, ON
  • Eric Koski-Harja – North Bay, ON
  • Davi Aquino – North Bay, ON
  • SouthPawScripts – Sundridge, ON
  • First Gig Productions – North Bay, ON
  • Tethersend Productions – Toronto, ON
  • Bear & Rogue Theatre – North Bay, ON
  • On a Whim Productions – Sundridge, ON
  • Razmus Productions – Naples, FL

Our final festival line-up is subject to change, so keep checking back for more information. If any of the festival slots become available, we will work our way down the waitlist until the slot is filled.

Many thanks to everyone that put their name in the hat this year, and to all you fringers out there, happy fringing!