ON THE EDGE: World Fringe Day 2019

We at the ON THE EDGE Fringe Festival pride ourselves on being weird, edgy and expressing ourselves while remaining safe and accommodating to our staff and the public which at times invents its own challenges. The Summer of Fire Festival (ClaytonFest) is mysteriously held in an undisclosed location each year allowing multi-arts activations that deal with fire to be conducted on private property. This is the second time that the ON THE EDGE Fringe Festival has engaged in this private event creating artworks from materials already set to be destroyed. Last year we created a wickerman and this year we helped build a large cage which was used in a youth-led horror movie project that day. Education Director, Joshua Bainbridge used this as a fast moment to promote World Fringe Day!

July 11th is World Fringe Day and conveniently marks the exact time following the Summer of Fire Festival each year allowing for ON THE EDGE to create works responding to this international celebration. The ON THE EDGE Fringe Festival is excited to be part of and promote World Fringe Day and encourages your to check out how other festivals around the world have celebrated. If you find someone doing something more amazing than us, we want to know about it… so we can make plans for future years. 🙂

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